"In the incoherently, contradictory and incomprehensible for the general public legal space, the notary is namely this ray of light, which points through the shadows to the precise status quo and is subordinate only to the sun-dial of the time."

Dimitar Tanev



Certification & Authentication activities including but not limited to:

  • Creating and certifying notarial deeds for real estate transactions like: sale, donation, exchange, mortgage, establishment of the right to build, right of use, right of way etc.
  • Drawing up and signing of notarial deeds on the basis of submitted documents certifying the right of ownership
  • Performing a circumstantial check in the absence of a title for property and proven possession
  • Accepting for storage a handwritten will, documents and papers
  • Creating and certifying a notarial will
  • Declare, issue a copy or return a handwritten will
  • Execution of acts for cancellation of a handwritten will
  • Drawing up and serving notary invitations
  • Drawing up of a statement of findings for the appearance or non-appearance of persons before the notary and the establishment of their statements
  • Authentication of a copy of a document
  • Authentication of the signature, date and content of a document presented by the client or drawn up by the notary: power of attorney, declaration, money receipt, guarantee, promissory note, mortgage application, contracts relating to vehicle transfer, partition, rent, loan etc.
OTHER ACTIVITIES , reflecting the private nature of the profession:
  • Property manager
  • Executor of a will
  • Mediation
  • Oral and written consultations
  • Obtaining papers, papers, and more
  • Drafting and verification of a draft document related to the notarial deed / notary deed, contract, power of attorney, notarial will, statement of findings, etc. /
  • Reporting on notary registers


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